Evan Christopher
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Evan Christopher 6EC Bb clarinet mouthpiece

Vytas Krass' Artist Series 6EC Bb clarinet mouthpiece is designed and created in collaboration with the renowned clarinet artist Evan Christopher. It is ideal for Ethnic styles of music including New Orleans music, but is also good for Jazz soloists who enjoy flexibility in their sound.


The Evan Christopher Bb clarinet mouthpiece is characterized by a rich, deep tone that offers tonal warmth over a wide dynamic range as well as a fine balance of projection and resistance.

 Designed to use softer reeds without sacrificing the sound quality of a harder reed.

 Every mouthpiece is individually hand-crafted to the highest standards.

 Available hard-rubber blanks: "Zinner", Profile 88, Parallel walls and "USA". Traditional Profile, Parallel walls

 Tip opening: 1.60 mm

 Facing length: MEDIUM LONG

 $200.00 each (Zinner). Made to order.

 $180.00 each (USA). Made to order.

 $7.50 - shipping for United States customers.

 US$35.00 - shipping for international customers.



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