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SOLD! - $250.00

1930's Selmer table B* Bb clarinet mouthpiece. "J28-JAZZ" facing

Made in France

Selmer table B* Bb clarinet mouthpiece refaced by mouthpiece artist Vytas Krass. The mouthpiece was treated as a blank and extensively hand finished both inside and out then refaced and voiced. The tip, rails, table and baffle are in EXCELLENT condition. The body has some scratches and some discoloration. Plays well with Vandoren Traditional #2.5-#3 reeds. Recommended for professional player.

  TIP OPENING: OPEN - 1.28 mm ( .050")


This is a World-Class Artist-Quality Bb clarinet mouthpiece. The unique interior design of this mouthpiece enables the player to achieve a beautiful balance of tonal clarity, depth, and flexibility with remarkably fine response and quick, lively articulation. The body of the mouthpiece is stamped "Henri, Selmer, Paris". "table B*" is stamped on the table.

Other markings: "J28" on the left side and "V. KRASS" on the right side.

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