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Nutcracker Bb clarinet mouthpiece

Vytas Krass' Artistic Facing Series "N-Nutcracker" Bb clarinet mouthpiece is designed and created for Classical music. Recommended for experienced player.

The Nutcracker Bb clarinet mouthpiece is characterized by rich, deep tone that offers tonal warmth and flexibility with remarkably fine response and quick, lively articulation.


 Every mouthpiece is individually hand-crafted to the highest standards.

 Zinner Blank. Profile 88. Parallel walls.

 Available tip openings: 1.10 mm, 1.15 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.25 mm.

 Facing length: MEDIUM LONG.

 Recommended reeds: Vandoren Traditional 3/3.5; Vandoren "56 Rue Lepic" 3/3.5

 $180.00 each.

 $7.50 shipping for United States customers. (insurance optional).

 US$35.00 shipping for international customers plus US$10 international transactionn and money coversion fee.



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