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Vytas Krass Velvet Bb clarinet mouthpiece

Vytas Krass' Artistic Facing Series Velvet Bb clarinet mouthpiece is designed and created for Classical music. Recommended for experienced player. The Velvet is a beauty when played with harder reeds.


The unique interior design of this mouthpiece enables the player to achieve a beautiful balance of tonal warmth, depth, and flexibility with remarkably fine response and quick, lively articulation. Easy playing, great low register, full and effortless altissimo.

 Every mouthpiece is individually hand-crafted to the highest standards.

 Zinner Blank. Profile 88. Parallel walls.

 Available tip openings: 1.00 mm, 1.02 mm, 1.04 mm.

 Facing length: LONG

 Recommended reeds: Vandoren Traditional #3.5-4; Vandoren "56 Rue Lepic" #3.5-4.5

 $180.00 each.

 $7.50 shipping for United States customers.

 US$35.00 shipping for international customers.



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